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Your Skilled Bookkeeper

My name is Persula Kaya, I am a Bookkeeper and founder of Kaya Bookkeeping. I have a bachelor's degree in Accounting/ Auditing and I am Certified ProAdvisor with the platform QBO. Kaya Bookkeeping was created with the aim of helping small business owners maximize profits and free up precious time. Choosing my services, allows you to worry less about your bookkeeping and focus more on other things that matter to you. With my bookkeeping training and years of experience in the field, no bookkeeping issue is too complicated for me to tackle.


What I’m All About

Let Me Tackle Your Bookkeeping Needs

I know how time consuming bookkeeping concerns can be, and they all require personalized and detail-oriented attention. Why worry about that when you have me to take that burden off your shoulders? I specialize in a wide range of bookkeeping areas and can handle bookkeeping issues quickly and efficiently. Call me and start benefiting from my expertise today.

The Personal Service You Deserve

Trusted Bookkeeping Support

I understand how complicated Bookkeeping can be, which is why I strive to make matters as easy as possible. I am equipped to handle whatever issues or situations you’re facing. We will work together as a team so that we can customize the best plan that suits your business. Contact me to see how you can start using my bookkeeping services immediately.

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